Washing of all commercial Vehicles

  • All vehicles are soaked in a Foam Bath
  • The vehicle is brushed to prepare for Roller Wash
  • Fast roller brush wash, wax and rinse.


Engine bay degrease & refurbishment

  • Complete degrease of the engine bay and engine block with our degreasing chemicals for a super clean finish.
  • Great for pre DOE test.



  • We offer a full range of interior valeting Services for coaches, vans and cabs of all types of vehicle.


Hygiene and Sanitization services

5 stage sanitizing service for the food and pharmaceutical industry

  1. Swab test for presence of bacteria.
  2. Deep clean of all surfaces.
  3. Rinse with fresh clean water.
  4. Apply Sanitizer.
  5. Swab test to ensure all bacteria eliminated.


Full decal removal service

  • We remove all old decal branding stickers and residual glue.


Paint restoration services

  • Clean and compound restoration service back to new of all types of surfaces inside and outside of all vehicles.

Decal Removal

To enquire about any of these services and obtain a quotation email us at: